Back of the box

I did some work today on a new art thing that I’ve been mulling over the past several weeks.  In September, I’d made some translucent pictures from some of my Southbank photos printed onto sheer fabric, which I backed with Perspex to let the light through.



They can be hung on a wall or against a window and look quite different in either place.

The South Bank Group

The South Bank Group

I’ve had an idea to make light boxes with the photos which could be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.  Depending on whether the light is switched on, they will look markedly different.

I find it somewhat stressful when I come up with a new idea like this.  I think because I have to figure out how to do it and start from scratch and be a beginner and all of that.  I’m not quite sure who to ask, what to ask for or even where to start.    I can so clearly see it in my mind’s eye and I get frustrated with the trial and error required to manifest it.  My unrealistic desire to make it perfectly all at once comes up.  I don’t know, maybe it’s an INFP thing.

I talked to a couple of cabinet makers about making the boxes and got an idea from one of them about what sort of light to use.  I got my self down to City Electrical Factors in Exeter a couple of weeks ago to ask about some ways to illuminate the boxes.  I’d looked at some online tutorials about making light boxes and heat from the lamps is a factor.  They recommended that I use strips of warm white LEDs and a transformer for each box.  The lights don’t get hot and they last for about 43,000 hours.

I’ve decided to work out a prototype and I found a display frame for 3D objects to play around with.  It should be deep enough to house the lights and the transformer.  I wasn’t crazy about how the back of it looks.  It’s put together well, but is an unattractive brown colour.  So what.  It’s the back.  No one will see it, right?  Wrong.  I’ll see it and so will the person who owns it.  And it can probably be seen from the side when it’s hung on the wall.

back of the box

Steve gave me the bright idea of collaging it, like I did with a frame for some luna moths which we bought in the South of France.  So that’s what I did today.   I have lots of samples of rice paper with my photograph ‘Southbank Shadows’ printed onto it left over from  this lamp I made last September.

Suncast Lamp5

I cut them into strips, applied them with some acrylic gel medium and am very pleased with the result!

back of the box2

My next step will be attaching the fabric photograph onto the matte and figuring out what to back it with.  Something semi-opaque which will eliminate hot spots from the lights, I reckon.  Still, it looks great from the back!  So far, so good.


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