Portrait of the Artist

I’m lucky enough to have one of those rare, great friends whom I only see about once a year, yet when we get together, the time expands and we feel so comfortable in one another’s presence that the distance doesn’t matter.

Bonnie & I

I & Bonnie

I met Bonnie McCaffery several years ago when I first moved to Devon and she was over here from the States teaching her ‘Painted Faces For Beginners‘ workshop.  A friend in Exeter was hosting Bonnie, and I went to her house for breakfast and to get a ride to the teaching venue with them.  Bonnie and I instantly ‘clicked’ at the breakfast table and talked all the way to and from the teaching venue.  Since then, I’ve managed to meet up with Bonnie whenever she’s been in the UK to teach.  She also does vidcasts for quilters and I’ve been lucky enough to have been the subject of two of them.*

Bonnie is also starting a new career as a portrait photographer.  Last summer, she came to stay with us in Devon and took some amazing photos of the bed I completed in 2012:

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Enter the Forest of Dreams

Enter the Forest of Dreams with the Artist

and some pretty amazing photos of me.  Here are just a few of my favourites:




Spanish Dancer


In the Forest of Dreams


I think that a good portrait photographer is not only technically proficient, but also needs to have great communication and ‘people’ skills.  One of Bonnie’s specialties is ‘Beautiful You’ portraits.  These are not for professional models who have an inherent sense of their good looks and know how to strike a pose, but for ordinary women who would like some photographs which reveal their essential beauty.   Well, I’ve been a Life model for many years and can be a bit of a ham in front of the camera, so I have a great time posing for Bonnie and letting her experiment with different techniques and lighting.  And, bonus!  I get some great photos of me looking, well, beautiful!  Here’s one she took of me in my studio yesterday.  I’ll be using this one on my website and in some of my promotional material.


I’m looking forward to seeing the other ones when Bonnie has the chance to do some editing work on them!  You can see more of Bonnie’s portrait photographs here.

Bonnie McCaffery at work

Bonnie McCaffery at work

* The Vidcasts –

The first one, when we met up in London, 2007:

The second time was last summer at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England when I showed my bed, ‘Enter the Forest of Dreams’.  Luana Rubin of eQuilter.com interviewed me:


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