The Self-Acceptance Project

Where do our self-critical voices come from? Can we silence them, or is there a better way to deal with them? Can we be motivated to change and excel while still accepting ourselves as we are? Why is it often so much easier to feel compassion and forgiveness towards others than towards ourselves?

What are the answers to these questions and is there a solution?  Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company with the mission of disseminating spiritual wisdom, created The Self-Acceptance Project to find out.

After many years of ‘working on myself and my issues’ I know that I can still, usually automatically and sub-consciously, fall into a dark place of self-doubt and negativity.  I’ve recently been inviting my daemons of Self-Doubt and Über-Perfectionism to join me at the table and am getting to know my Inner Critic.  They are not the most pleasant companions, but when we can befriend and learn to dance with the characters who populate our shadows, we can find the freedom to unfold and be in all of our glory.

In this free 12-week video event series, Tami Sharon, publisher and CEO of Sounds True, speaks each week with two luminaries in the fields of creativity, psychology and spirituality on Self-Acceptance.   Some of the people I have heard of while others are new to me.

Each Monday, I get a notification via email that 2 conversations are available to view online.  Previous weeks conversations remain on the website to view or download at my leisure.  After each launch, video or audio versions of the talks are available to download free.   I’ll be listening, and sharing my response to some of these conversations over the coming weeks.

You can register for the free event here.


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