Spring studio cleaning

Today, I am taking the Studio Tidy Up Challenge.  Last year, I set out to organise it intuitively, so that it would make sense where to find and put away my art-making supplies and to make it as simple to put back to square one as our kitchen is.  I haven’t been in my studio very much since late Autumn, what with my creative hiatus and being sick with flu and all.  I’ve been  dumping, or rather carelessly depositing things in there over the past several weeks and it really is time to get it sorted out!  A spot of Spring cleaning.  Oh and I’ve just had confirmation that I will be in Devon Open Studios in September, so I’m looking towards designing and making some pieces for my new collection called Illuminations.  My creative juices are beginning to flow again, which feels really good.

So, here’s the view from the studio door:


around to the left:


and to the right:


I think it looks worse than it really is.  I have a couple of secret weapons too!

My behind the door shelf with beautifully labelled plastic boxes for different categories of art supplies:


and my mother’s six drawer lingerie cum sewing chest and back of the door organiser for camera/audio things:


and best of all, behind the door, the fully lined/nearly shelved storage space (I’m still finessing it with hooks and shelves).   This had been a grotty, brick-lined, crumbling mortar area.

Before & After

Before & After

  Steve dry-walled this for me over Christmas break.


So yep, I’m into the studio today for a spring tidy.



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