We’re having a protracted winter here in the UK.   This has been the coldest March since 1963 and one of the coldest winters since records began.  Apparently, many of our Spring visitors haven’t arrived or blossomed yet.  A lack of certain insects will have a knock on effect on the animals and birds that feed on them.  Some people are worrying.  Is this due to global warming, the beginning of the end?   I don’t know.  I do know that I have faith in nature and the seasons.  Spring will arrive, it’s just a bit late in coming this year.

Many human UK residents are flocking in record numbers to warmer climes for an Easter holiday.  But some of us regulars have been toughing it out.   On this Easter Sunday, a jackdaw couple was out beneath grey skies.  But, look!  A ray of sunlight is coming through.


A week ago, we went for a walk on the south side of the River Teign at Step’s Bridge, about four miles from home.  I love this spot where a fall of water from the rim of the Teign Valley finds level ground and flows for about 50 yards before joining the river.  It feels fresh and alive.  Wild daffodils and wild garlic grow at the edges of the running water.  This stream flowing into a larger river is called a tributary.  I thought about the meaning of ‘paying tribute’  –  making a gift  in acknowledgment, gratitude, or admiration.  This little stream feels like my everyday and ongoing actions, dreams and goals which stream into my ‘big l’ Life, the ‘reason why I am here’ Life.  It feels important and good to remember and acknowledge this from time to time.

I felt renewed just standing there and feeling the energy flow all around and through me.  It is Springtime and new life is returning.  We are all flowing into and with the great river of life.  I hope that you are celebrating the resurgence and renewal of Springtime in both your little life and your big Life.



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