My flippin’ studio

Remember Flip video cameras that were popular for about five minutes,  um, years?  When I was doing my final studio tidy up yesterday I found the Flip camera my husband bought for me in 2009.  I confess that I’ve never even used it, as I have a motion picture recorder on my Pentax Optio A40.


Anyhoo, I found some AA batteries and took it for a little spin around my studio.   It is a nifty little machine with a built in USB connector and FlipShare software.   I added a title and royalty free music to complete this sweet little vid.

And, no, my studio isn’t always this tidy, but as you can see it is very organised with a place for just about everything, so that I can quite quickly straighten it back up.

2 thoughts on “My flippin’ studio

  1. Much more tidy than mine at the moment. Thanks for the tour.

    Btw ….where did you get that shelf by your printer? I stock a few different weights of A4 paper for my journals and that shelf would be perfect to separate them.

    • I mail ordered it from a place in Somerset, UK a couple of years ago Grace. I’ll try to track it back down for you in case someone comes for a visit with a valise!

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