Just Add Summer

We are now past the middle of April and in the United Kingdom, it is only fractionally mild.  Even though I’ve been able to go out sans gloves and a scarf in the past week, today I wore knee high boots, jeans, two layers of wool and my trench coat against the showery day.

add summer7

Ever since our last very wet summer, throughout the drawn out freezing winter and into this recalcitrant spring, even I, a sunny, positive, native Southern California girl who after 13 years living in the UK still occasionally and unironically says, ‘Have a nice day’, has been complaining long and loud about the horrible weather.  But today, something happened that made me feel very optimistic.

I was walking through Exeter with my friend and spied a lovely summer frock in a charity shop window. When I came out of the dressing room, she and all of the customers gave me two thumbs up!  So I bought it.  It’s made by Hobbs and at £14.95 I paid a fraction of what it would have cost new.  It’s a wrap dress with a full, twirly skirt and made from two sheer layers of silk.

add summer1


And it ties in the back.

add summer5


I felt really happy when I got back to work, and showed it to all of my colleagues.  I’m already looking forward to wearing it when warmer weather comes.  It simply has to now!

add summer2

add summer4

add summer6

Stormy sky and bare branches

Viewed through the fabric, the day doesn’t look quite so grey and cold.

add summer3

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