Spring Green

The sun came out from behind the murk some time last week.  I walk past my favourite green-sided building on my way to work.  Come to think of it, it isn’t the green or the actual building that makes it my favourite.  There is a huge tree growing next to it.  The wall faces west, so that when the sun is shining, the tree casts a beautiful shadow onto the building by late morning, when I walk past, and into the early afternoon.  Last October, I was known to invent a 2 pm errand, just so I could go outside and behold the glorious shadows cast by the late autumn sun beaming onto the bare branches of this tree.

Last week, the sun picked out the achingly new, vibrant green leaves and traced their outlines onto the wall.

spring green2

A 90° pivot to the right provides the background of my favourite terracotta and charcoal multistory car park.  I love the contrast between the fluffy yellow green leaves and the delicate, airy fern green leaves set against the broad stripes of colour.

spring green1

I’m happy for the shining sun and the beautiful shadows it casts.  I’m happy to see the new leaves bursting and uncurling from branches which have been too long bare.  I’m happy that springtime has arrived at last.


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