The Art of Noise

This week, for my Monday drawing class, Andrea asked each of us to bring something which makes a noise so that we can draw the sound.  We normally begin each session with a piece of blank paper on our easel and we draw for 2 minutes, then move to the next easel and so on until we are back at the beginning.  This Monday, each of us ‘played’ our offering for two minutes while the others drew.  Some of the things people brought were: wind chimes,  Swiss goat bell,  hand wound Victrola with records, rain stick, egg carton played with a paintbrush, marimba . . . .

Here is the ‘group’ drawing.

art of noise3

One of the women brought a set of carved wooden hollow bells without clappers which were tuned to the eight octaves.  They were suspended in order and played with a wooden stick.  She bought them in China and she said that in days of yore they would have been made from monk’s heads.  At least that’s what the person selling them said!

All of the various instruments/sound making devices were arranged on a table on the centre of the room and I drew two of the heads.  I used my coloured charcoal pencils on black paper.  I think I need to get a hold of some white charcoal or chalk, as I really liked the way it looked in the group drawing above.

art of noise1

Owls, coloured charcoal, 59 x 83 cm, 2013

The carvings in them looked like owls.  I have fairy tales bubbling on the back burner and these two looked straight our of some Eastern-European story.

Owls, detail

Owls, detail


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