In full flower

Sometimes, ofttimes I think about writing on my blog.  Usually, there are at least a dozen things I could write about and about a hundred great photos I could post.  Not only current events, thoughts and musings but some are from a few weeks, several months, or a couple of years ago.  Sometimes, I light on a topic and it rapidly becomes so large that I don’t know where to begin, so many offshoots and diversions!  I’ve been thinking of writing down post ideas on a list or putting them into a hat in order to make them more manageable and organised.  I carry around all of these ideas in my head, like a sort of alternate reality (as if I need yet another one of those!)   It can become very overwhelming, so I log out of WordPress and ponder over all of the possibilities.


Discovering a new world

It is May-time in England and all of the flowers are abloom.  Most of these I’ve walked past and stopped to peer at, growing in between cracks in stone walls and in the tangles of hedgerows.







Celadine & red campion

Celadine & red campion

An apple tree was in blossom at the edge of a parking lot in Exeter.



Dandelion in a bed of nettles

This is also the month of our wedding anniversaries and this year is our third.   We celebrated with dinner at home on the evening of our Civil Ceremony anniversary.

in our kitchen

in our kitchen

And we got dressed up and went to dinner at The Horse in Moretonhampstead, where we had our Soul Wedding ceremony.


So May is the month of wedding celebrations and full flowering.  In fact, May’s full moon is the Full Flower Moon.  Here she was, in all her glory on the 25th.  Oh yes, I started to read my manual for my Canon G12 camera, finally, and have discovered the fish-eye lens and a few other goodies.  That can be yet another topic for blog posts!


Finally, May in England is the month of bluebell woods.  We stopped on the way into Exeter on Sunday so I could take this beautiful photo of a greening wood carpeted with a haze of blue.


I hope that your life/creativity/passion are in full flower.


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