Illuminated suncast shadows

I just have time for a quick update.  I’m smack in the middle of Devon Open Studios and it’s great!

People ask me, ‘How’s it going?  Have you had many sales?’  I reply, ‘Yes., a couple, but it’s not about making money.  I love meeting people.’  Steve and I look forward to this all year and we love to welcome people in to our home, show them beautiful and unique art work, and offer a place at our kitchen table for a spell with homemade cake, tea & coffee.

Here’s what’s in it for me.  I personally love to tell people about how I make things, and more important, the whys of my art making.  I enjoy the deep conversations and connections with people who are on the edge of making their next creative piece.  And the people who ‘get’ what I’m doing.  People walk out of our home feeling inspired and I feel encouraged.  I met a couple of absolutely lovely women yesterday and when they took their leave, one of them said, ‘Can  give you a hug?  Thank you for being so open-hearted.’  Wonderful connections.

Well, my quilt Suncast Shadows is the beacon drawing people here.  It’s featured on my entry in the Devon Open Studios guide and people see it at the top of the stairs upon arrival..


It’s devilishly difficult to photograph, because I’ve illuminated it.  But here it is –


Suncast Shadows, unlit


Suncast Shadows, contra jour in a lit room


Suncast Shadows, contra jour in a dark room

It’s fabulous and even better up close.  We had a Premiere View the night before it all began.  I had a delicious cake made by Crafty Cakes in Exeter with an edible photo of Suncast Shadows on top.


So, yeah!  It’s all going really well.  If you’re local and love art and a good piece of cake, as we say in American parlance, “Come on down!”


Self portrait with Suncast Shadows


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