Swallows lamp

Some more new work in my Illuminations collection are my rice paper lamps.  I’ve collaged a couple of them with posterized photographs printed onto rice paper and laminated onto the lamp.

Southbank Shawos Lamp - 22 x 116 cm

Suncast Shadows Lamp – 22 x 116 cm

swallow lamp20

The Dark Heart of Summer Lamp – 22 x 116 cm

swallow lamp18

The Dark Heart of Summer reflected in a mirror

swallow lamp19


In the run up to Devon Open Studios, I took over our salon to work on my lamps.

swallow lamp13

For my Swallows Lamp, I went back to my art quilt roots.  I machine appliqued and machine embroidered swallows, summer flowers and the sun onto a background of cotton organdie that I had painted light sky blue.

swallow lamp16

After I had fused my textile designs onto the fabric, I got up very early one morning to stitch them into place, after a breakfast of tea and toast.  From my rooftop window, I could see the martens, swifts and swallows diving and skimming across the late summer sky as I worked.

swallow lamp14

I used free motion machine embroidery to outline and embellish the shapes.  I also painted some background foliage behind the flowers.

swallow lamp15

After I finished stitching, I fashioned the fabric into a sheath which fits neatly onto the lamp.

swallow lamp3

Swallows Lamp, 22 x 116 cm

swallow lamp4

swallow lamp2

swallow lamp5

I love how the light from within highlights the stitching.

swallow lamp21

swallow lamp22

With all of my Illuminations, the light coming through the translucent fabric gives the piece a different quality.  They can be enjoyed as a three dimensional sculpture during the daytime.

swallow lamp1

At night time, they inhabit the space in another way.

swallow lamp10

swallow lamp11

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