Birth of a Star

My spiritual practice is through my art making.  Since Samhain, I’ve been travelling on a Journeying course in which we follow the Celtic year of quarter and cross quarter festivals.  We use writing and art making to document our journeys.

At the Winter Solstice, I journeyed to the Upper World to meet my Higher Self,  a star!  My very own star:  youthful, brilliant, shining, bright, constant, produces its own light, always there – even in daylight.  Star is a verb,  a noun  and an adjective.   Many linguistic uses, but always dazzling.


I also chose a word for the new year ahead of me.  Last year’s word was  Illumination. This year, my word is Star.  I put a silver filigree star from our Christmas decorations in my studio window where it will stay all throughout the year, reminding me of its constant presence.


New stars have such promise and are such brave little creatures, to come into the vastness of space and begin to shine.


Birth of a Star by Rachel Anderson


Pinwheel of Star Birth.
Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

May each of you be inspired in this new year to start something new or to begin again. A great American poet & writer reminds us to aim high and follow our dreams.


What word have you chosen for 2014??


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