Awesomeness on a Plate

Constructing the perfect meal can be like assembling a work of art.   It begins with the vision and is carefully crafted with all of the perfect elements.  We had a teasing start to spring over  the weekend, with a return to grey, chilly wintry weather this week.  I fast one day a week and eat high protein another day, but tonight I was in the mood for some stick-to-my-ribs carbs, red meat and animal fat.  With a glass of red.


I defrosted our freezer last Friday and had clocked a hamburger, which I defrosted in the fridge last night.  I carmelised some onions in butter and balsamic vinegar, then smooshed the burger flat and wide and browned it up.  Put the onions on top and covered it with a slice of Edam.  I turned the heat down low and made some aioli and mixed some soft butter and freshly grated Parmesan for Sizzler toast while the meat was cooking through and the cheese was melting down.  All the while, potato wedges were browning in a baking tray rimed with goose fat, riming the inside of the oven.

I toasted one side of two pieces of white bread.  Spread the other sides, liberally, with butter and Parmesan, then put them face down in the hot skillet until the butter oozed into the bread and the cheese got brown and crunchy.


Slathered Hellman’s on one piece of toast . . . .


and topped it with the onion & cheese laden burger and then the other piece of toast.  Butter and cheese side down.


Right about this time, the goose fat glistened potato wedges came out of the oven, got shaken down and salted and joined the hamburger sandwich on the plate.  Alongside a dollop of homemade aioli.


We had a bottle of heavenly Italian Sangiovese in our wine rack.  Simply divine!



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