How to remove musty smells from vintage fur

On our way out of town to Wales, I stopped into my favourite vintage shop Relevant by Willow Hilson and picked up this gorgeous 1940’s silver fox stole.  The one I’ve been searching for since mis-buying my first  one 2 years ago.  Sadly that one was too damaged to be repaired, so I’ve cut it up for another project.




 The only problem is, it stinks!


I looked up some solutions on the internet and decided to try the coffee ground one.  I also spoke to Willow who said that when testing perfumes, one uses coffee grounds to cleanse the nose palate between perfumes.  So it makes sense.

I bulldog clipped it so it won’t fall off of the hanger (apparently the fur shouldn’t come into contact with the coffee),


ground some fresh coffee beans (the website didn’t specify an amount, so I just used the ones in our coffee grinder which probably came to a ½  cup)


poured the grounds into a big plastic bag and tied it with a rubber band.


I’ll leave it through the weekend and see how it smells.  If the grounds don’t work, I’ll try baking soda.  Another probable cause of mustiness is carpet mites, but I’ll have to scout around for some freezer space big enough to put the fur in for a few days!  Well, one thing at a time. . . ..


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