The Secret Flower of the Heart



The Secret Flower of the Heart

Come, Friend,
leave your comings and goings,
abandon your business in the world
and bolt the gate.
Take to your solitude now,
for we must learn of our own
ebbs and flows,
tides and warm breezes.

This is called Returning to Yourself.
Come, drop below the surface
and seek your comfort in the depths.
Here is contentment that rests upon
no outer circumstance.

In watering a plant, moisture seeps down
and nourishes its unseen roots.
In solitude, we let our attentions seep down as well,
down to the roots of who we are.
Only then a flower may bud and bloom.
This is the secret flower of the heart,
a pure light kindled, a shining star.

And see!
The identity we have so long shaped
is all edges and postures now.
It is no longer you,
only a garment to be set aside in this hour.
You are transparency, a calm breath.

Emptiness is the harvest here,
an open space,
wherein the Great Fullness may enter,
where even words like these are cast aside.

-Michael Green

Artwork : Flowering Heart by LucidCrimson@DeviantArt


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