It’s Only a Paper Moon

I awoke on Saturday morning three weeks ago and decided that it would be a darned good thing to have a Paper Moon photo backdrop at our May Celebration.


We’re making ours based on the one in “Paper Moon”, the classic 1973 American comedy-drama.


First of all, I needed to make a full-size pattern.  I put the movie poster into Photoshop and made the moon into a  line drawing.


I found BLOCK POSTERS, a posterizing program that upscales an uploaded jpg and prints it onto A4 sheets, which I then taped together.


After a false start (I was certain that 6 feet = 60 inches) . . . . . .


My ‘Spinal Tap’ moment

I came up with the correct size.  We pinned it as high as it will be in situ and we perched on a 30″ high table to try it out for size.  We’re going to make a 30″ high wooden bench, following the example in this paper moon photo booth tutorial.


We’ve kept the movie poster and a sketch on hand to inspire us as we have been figuring out how to construct it, to keep the moon in our minds, so to speak.


Once we had the right-sized pattern, I transferred it to a huge sheet of paper.  We thought about making it from lightweight plywood or foamboard or cardboard.  In the end, we decided on cardboard, since we don’t really have anywhere to store it, so it will be a temporary thing.  Plus it will be strong and lightweight.

We went into Exeter and scrounged some double walled cardboard bike boxes from T.R.A.S.H.  I joined them together with strips of brown paper & PVA and Steve cut the shape out with a Stanley knife.  I can be a bit reckless and slapdash at times, but he always has a steady hand.


Our good friend Alistair came over for supper on Monday night and we all had a shot on the moon.


This morning, I started gluing another layer of cardboard to the back, just for extra strength and reinforcement.


With secret messages between the layers.


TLA – True Love Always

I laid some sheets of plywood over it to keep it flat whilst drying, weighted down with our weightiest tomes.


BTW, the plywood sheets are actually my easel drawing boards which have been standing in for our kitchen table tops for the past month . . . . . . . .


while the table tops are being re-finished.  So it’s a bit holey in there tonight.


When the moon shape is reinforced and dry, I’ll glue paper strips around the edge to smooth it out, then will be ready to prime and paint it.  This weekend, we’ll go to the hardware store for bench materials & paint and the fabric store for a night sky blue fabric background, fabric and foam for the cushion.


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