A handful of bobbins

On Friday, Steve and I returned home from nearly two weeks in Austria, topped and tailed with London.  We journeyed there by train from our home in Devon and flew back from Munich.  We are feeling very relaxed and very well fed, filled with beauty and wonderful memories.  The food was amazing too.  🙂

I have about 600 photos from Vienna and Salzburg, and surrounds.  But I will start with one of my purchases, a handful of bobbins.  I found this at an Upcycling Design shop in Krems called Kre:ART.  Many of the items are made by people who have fallen through the cracks of society and the profits go to fund social initiative projects.


We were in Vienna for seven days, then traveled to Salzburg by train for another five days.  We loved Vienna, but would like to marry Salzburg.  Such a beautiful city in a beautiful setting;  a wide river valley surrounded by the Austrian and Bavarian Alps.  Steve did some online research before we went, to try and track down specifically where my Austrian ancestor, Valentin Schwachoffer, emigrated to America from in 1860, by himself, at the age of 14. The only information I have is that he was a farmer from Austria.  It is tricky to get information, mainly due to fallout from WW2 and resulting reparations and land claims.  But Steve has registered on an Austrian genealogy forum and he is very persistent, so I have high hopes that we will find out where my Austrian forebears hail from. We felt a bit sad to leave Salzburg.   We got out into the gorgeous, surrounding countryside and Salzburgerland is definitely a place that we will return to.   On our final morning there, I went out with my camera and captured buildings in the colours of the bobbin threads.






Mozarts Geburtshaus – Mozart’s Birthplace

Guess what?  My handful of bobbins is a necklace!


So I can wear the colours of Salzburg.


I will thread through some more photos and memories in the coming weeks.  It is so good to return to our home, town and friends here in England.  Yet we are made different through our travels.  It takes some time to settle in to all of it.


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