Jackdaw Medicine


Jackdaw Medicine

Jackdaw picks
and pokes
and stirs
through the glittering wreckage
of my story and the history of my tribe.

Sharp beaked,
keen eyed,
she sorts the heap
half in two.
One side,
dark and heavy;
unwanted burdens,
carried way too far
for far too long.
These will be held,
grieved and
given back to the earth.
One side,
bright with promise;
priceless treasures,
that they threw to one side.
I will make from these
gewgaws and gimcracks,
bagatelles and bibelots,
and hold them up for all the world to see.
– Melinda Schwakhofer, 2015
Photograph by Nigel Hillier

2 thoughts on “Jackdaw Medicine

  1. I was searching for a spiritual meaning to a visit by a jackdaw and I came upon this post. I can’t begin to tell you how much it resonates with me. Thank you for sharing x

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