My grandmother’s prayers

 Mvto to my Great Grandmother Melindy Phillips, Full-blood Mvskoke, born in Indian Territory, daughter of Tecumseh Philips. She died a couple of years after I was born, in Tennessee. I wonder if she knew about me, her namesake.

grandmothers prayers_1

Melindy Phillips, circa 1900, in her mid 20’s

And mvto to my Grandmother Mattie Davis, daughter of Melindy Davis née Crabtree née Philips. I know next to nothing about her, but think she had a short, hard life. Probably residential school, pregnant with my Dad at age 16, she died of TB when she was 24.

She must have had some powerful prayer in her though. All that I am doing with my reading and learning about our Muscogee heritage, history and culture; each piece of artwork or writing that I create; all of the stories I tell about the truth of our lives; each word in the Mvskoke language that I learn to speak; and, most of all, all of the healing I am doing is for Mattie Davis and all of my Grand Mothers.

grandmothers prayers

Image Source :: Nihígaal bee Iiná Facebook Page



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