Love nest

Do you know that we live in a penthouse flat which overlooks the rooftops and chimney pots of our village?  Jackdaws are our nearest neighbours.


They are constantly in pairs, getting together even before they reach sexual maturity and spending their entire lives together.  These two are at the entrance to their home just across from our living room window..


On Valentine’s Day, I went to my friend’s arty birthday party and made a love nest for Steve. I began with a cardboard box.

love nest5

I lined it with fur and made winged hearts for the doors.

love nest4

love nest2

I just happened to have a couple of wooden jackdaws at home which I added.

love nest7

love nest3

love nest1

Steve had gone out to watch the Liverpool game that afternoon and we came back home to our love nest at the end of the day, cooked dinner together .  .  .  .  .  .  .

love nest6

love nest8

Fillet Mignon, Hasselback potatoes & creamed spinach.

and dined by candlelight with a very nice bottle of Barolo.

love nest9

BTW, Hasselback potatoes are a Swedish invention, named for the restaurant in Stockholm that introduced them in the 1700s.  They’re traditionally comprised of a whole potato that has been peeled and cut to resemble a fan, dotted with butter, baked, and then topped with fine bread crumbs and broiled.

We parboiled some unpeeled Cypriot new potatoes, sliced them nearly, but not all the way, through at ¼ intervals and basted them with butter and goose fat in a hot oven until they were crispy on top and tender inside.   Very fancy and yummy for a special dinner.

love nest11

I hope that you had a lovely day with or without a sweetheart! ❤

love nest10


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