New tricks

My laptop has come over all poorly so I’ve been on our Samsung Galaxy tablet for the past couple of days.  I’ve just discovered that it has PS Touch which means that I can edit photos taken with the pretty decent inbuilt camera. I’ve just downloaded a WordPress app, so here l go!

Steve’s away, so I’m reading during dinner.   A cookbook holder makes a very good stand.  I’m rereading  ‘Alice Munro: Selected Stories’,  this month’s pick for my book club.   I read it last October,  but love her writing so am very happy to do so again.   It’s a different experience to read for a group and to write a blog post on a tablet.  Not sure I want to make a habit of blogging by tablet, but handy to know it’s possible.

Now for the picture.

I’m on a Protein Day, so tonight’s meal is steak with carmelized onions and diet coke in our new King George VI Coronation glass.





2 thoughts on “New tricks

  1. Looks like a lovely evening. I need to learn some tricks for using the tablet. So far it only gives me grief:)

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