Secrets of the heart

In the past couple of weeks, daffodils have begun to blossom and today I noticed the first tiny green leaves appearing on bare branches.  The dark stillness of wintertime is beginning to brighten and quicken with new life.

When we were in California, my husband bought me a macro lens.   True to form, I didn’t begin using it right away.  He said ‘I know you’re going to take fabulous pictures with it.’    I am absolutely astonished at the details it captures.  I bought three bunches of tightly budded anemones yesterday.

They’re already beginning to open in the warmth of our home.

I love how flowers slowly blossom and open wide.  We each need nurturing space in which to grow and how lovely it is when we have someone patient and encouraging and loving to witness our unfolding.

The heart of an anemone reveals her secret



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