I’m still feeling unwell.   This is frustrating because I’ve been trying to carry on with my ‘outside life’ of work and responsibilities, and keep getting knocked back from a persistent low grade fever and various respiratory ailments.

A couple of days ago I was gently tidying my studio and came across a Bach Flower Remedy which is Oak (Quercus Robur).

‘Aha!’ I seized on it and promptly took a dose, hoping to gain the strength of an English Oak.

The Oak person is one of ‘tremendous will power, courage, devotion to duty, strong powers of resistance, superhuman endurance, unbroken hope, and high ideals’.  They may feel frustrated and unhappy if illness or exhaustion mean they are forced to do less than they want.  So much is positive about the Oak person, but the negative side is the stubborn refusal to rest or sit back when the need for rest is obvious.

The Oak Flower Remedy is for those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well . . . .  While still “strong as an oak” the individual will now meet obligations to work and to others with a balance that allows time for rest, rejuvenation, and pleasure.  This is one of the Bach Flower Remedies that is indicated during recovery from a long term illness. When the patient has grown weary of the routines of recovery and the dependencies of an illness, Oak will provide the power to persevere.

This chimes with my tendency to be ahead of where I am right now and the gift of this persistent illness can be to call me to come back in to the present moment.   So I have been very mindful about when I need to stop and have a cup of tea, take a nap or simply do nothing in particular.

Yesterday I woke up and watched the tree outside of our bedroom window, one of my favourite pastimes throughout the year.  It still is somewhat wintry outside and nice to be inside and snug.

The tree is winter-bare, but I can see tiny buds just beginning to swell all along the twigs and branches.

In this time of slowing down and being present to my body’s needs, I am being filled with the Presence in the moment.

Emptifulness, pen on paper, 2017.



2 thoughts on “Emptifulness

  1. Hope you feel at more full strength soon Melinda. In the meantime you have inspired me with your wisdom gained from being present, the concept of emptifulness is very rich. Love, Eleanor xx

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