Little Soft Thing

I’ve become a little soft thing over the past few weeks.  The last time I checked in to Inspiraculum, I was in the middle of my Yuletide hibernation.   Then in mid January I came down with a very persistent version of the flu.  I haven’t felt like doing much of anything and stayed in for much of the last month.

I did gently re-organize my studio.  No major changes, but I bought some new task lamps and shifted things around for more work surfaces and more efficient storage.

I also brought harmony to my threads, paper, art supplies, buttons and beads, which was most satisfying.  Not only the results, but I often found  the process very meditative and relaxing.



Last night I returned to my Pilates class for the first time since December.   My instructor Candice has a lovely voice and interesting turns of phrase.  We are asked to be like ‘little clams’ or ‘a bird spreading it’s wings’.   We also use a ‘little soft thing’ to rest our heads upon.  I used my fleece jacket in the first few sessions, then went out and bought a small cushion once I knew that I would be continuing the class.

I made a cover for it on Sunday night.  I love birds and used some fabric that I had left over from making a clothes peg bag .

It feels good to be returning to the outside world once again.  On Sunday morning Steve and I went for a walk.  I felt the softening of Winter’s hold and the first balmy hints of Springtime.

Of course this is the time when the earth quickens with life.

There has been a lot stirring and coming to life deep within.  I am certainly looking forward to new growth and all that this year will bring.


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