Spring Cleaning

Today we began our Annual Spring Kitchen Clean at Chateau Schwakhofer-Coxon. Everything, and I do mean everything, comes off the shelves and out of drawers.
Silver and copper are polished, as needed. Wooden utensils and boards are oiled.
Spice and food packets are sorted through and culled. All surfaces are deep cleaned.

I knocked off for my afternoon nap at 2:30 and Steve carried on with polishing the copper, silver and pewter.

Absolutely brilliant!  On so many levels. 🙂

About 45 minutes into it I found some self-raising pastry flour that was a few months  out of date. I thought ‘I’ll make a cake and see if it still rises’. So I did and it did.

When we made our way around to the fridge,I found a jar of homemade lemon curd, Long story short, I’ve invited a bunch of people over tomorrow for an Afternoon Tea Party with Victoria Sponge and Lemon Bakewell Slices.

And now we are all ready for another year of marvelous culinary adventures and inventions.



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