From a distance

Well the world certainly has made a 180° turn in the past couple of weeks.

Here in the UK, as of last night, we are in lockdown.  This means that we need to stay at home, only going out to get food or to exercise.  I am frankly relieved that this has happened because so many people have been sanguine about going out and mingling and potentially spreading, or contracting, COVID-19.

To be honest, I am one of those people who enjoy spending most of my time at home, as does my husband.  He already works from home, so no change there, although he can no longer go out to meet clients and most of the conferences he was due to work on this year have been cancelled.

One of my jobs is Girl Friday for a small charity.  Last week I picked up my work desktop to begin home working.   I need to physically plug it in to our router via ethernet cable.  I brought a 2 meter one from work and we already have a 2 meter cable.  But there was a 2.5 meter gap between my workspace and our router.

I live in a small village on Dartmoor and put an appeal on our Community Facebook Hub.  Someone replied within 20 minutes and voila!  I collected a 3 meter cable the following morning, from their doorstep, of course, and I wiped the cable with anti-bac wipes and washed my hands when I got back home.

Remote working

This is the amazing thing in all of this.  That while we are understandably being made to seperate physically, we are finding and making connections and staying connected via social media.

I hope that all of you are staying safe and coping well in these very strange times.

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