Dark Path

Today I found some notes I’d jotted down several years ago from Thomas Merton’s Dark Path.

Entering a cloud of darkness.  In the darkness we are made free.

The darkness becomes an atmosphere of breathless clarity in which we find peace and the deep night becomes the brightness of the noonday sun in which we find the One our heart desires.

Walk in emptiness with blind trust.

. . . the experience of a darkness where the Divine is met more fully and deeply . . .

A growing conviction that peace and joy and fulfillment are only to be found somewhere in this night of aridity and faith.  The darkness doesn’t cease to be darkness, but by the strangest of all paradoxes. it has become brighter than the brightest day.

These words really seem to fit my current mood as I’m feeling contemplative about the world out there and the world inside of me.  A lot of artists I know are making right now and asking me what I’m working on.  But I’m not working on anything.  Just using this time to tidy up and re-organize my studio.  Today I’m culling some paperwork in my studio.   Making the space for some new work to emerge and following my impulses.

Image was found here

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