My word for 2021 is ‘pause’.

As usual, my word for the year organically emerged sometime around the turning of the year. You’d have thought I’d have had enough of ‘pause’ in 2020 what with the pandemic, losing my day job, travel plans disrupted, multiple lockdowns and all. But I am finding the space for new ways of being and openings to explore.

One of the ways that I drive myself, and some of those around me, crazy is getting into this frenetic frenzy where I have to figure it all out NOW! I often start lots of things at once, get overwhelmed and shut them all down. Other times, I want to begin, but there are too many projects to choose from so I freeze like a deer in the headlights, procrastinate and don’t begin anything, then feel bad about that.

The Pandemic Pause has given me the opportunity that I didn’t know I needed. The opportunity to cease all activity and plans and to begin again from a more centered place. The studio re-organization I did over the summer sure does help with this. When my physical space gets messy (which can be a reflection of my inner space) I can pause and tidy everything away to its proper place. This mindless activity, when done mindfully, can give my busy mind a break.

BTW, today I paused long enough to figure out how to resize a photo taken on my phone and upload it to WordPress AND took the time to figure out how to use the new Gutenberg editor, which I have been avoiding for the past few months. There are some interesting photo collage features I want to learn about.

After a pause of course! 🙂

So here’s to pausing . . . . . and finding centering, renewal and refreshment.

pause (n) early 15c., “a delay, a temporary rest in singing or speaking,” from Old French pausee “a pause, interruption” (14c.) and directly from Latin pausa “a halt, stop, cessation.”

‘a short period in which something such as a sound or an activity is stopped before starting again’

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