Stitched Self-portrait Day 1

Day 1

After stitching, l decided to write some words about how l was feeling. I typed them onto the back of my stitched portrait using my Royal typewriter which l had serviced last November.
Actually no. I dropped it off to be serviced at Francis Kay Vintage sometime in May. But he was so swamped with film camera, hi-fi stereo and other manual typewriter repairs that it took about five months for him to get around to it. BTW, this is one of my best investments. I paid a tenner for it at a car boot sale in 2008 and Francis said that he would sell this machine today for £350 through his eBay shop. 🙂

Royal typewriter in situ

Day 1
heavy buried
lots of people saying
things they
think are important,
expecting my
don’t want
to eng age
head achey

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