restriction (n.) a limiting condition or measure, (v.) the limitation or control of someone or something, or the state of being restricted, from the Latin restringere ‘bind fast, confine’.

‘Restriction’ is an online exhibition of miniature pieces of art inspired by restrictions of the pandemic.
This exhibition is displayed in a set of old printer’s letterpress drawers, with the drawers’ tiny compartments providing a stimulus for the exhibiting artists.
Inspired by the restrictions many of us have experienced due to Covid-19, more than 200 artists, from across the world, have produced work for the show, resulting in over 1000 pieces of miniature artworks.
The exhibition will be launched online by Clayhill Arts on Tuesday 23 March, a year on from the start of the first UK lockdown.


The reality of COVID and living in a pandemic has put limits on our lives. Over winter my worldview has been limited through windows to a sky that stops. When I do go out, my face-to-face social interactions are limited to conversations with shopkeepers. My closest companions at this time have been the jackdaws who inhabit the rooftops and skies outside of my top floor flat.

Four box-framed miniatures contain layered photographs and text.
Made from OHP film, card & balsa wood.
Max. height – 8.5cm
Max. width – 5.5cm
Maxdepth – 2cm

Correspondence Collective Restriction Exhibition Online from 23rd March – 6th April. The exhibition will stream live Tuesday 23 March at 1:00pm GMT.

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