“Vne este Mvskoke means I am Muscogee”

My very supportive and talented husband Steve Coxon has made a short video to promote my current exhibition of Muscogee inspired art work.



Suncast Shadows in progress

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two whole weeks since I last wrote.  I’d thought the deadline for my Suncast Shadows quilt was February 31st, but re-read my paperwork and it’s due on the 13th.  Ooops!  So I’ve been focussing on getting it done and have an appointment for it to be photographed this Saturday.  I haven’t taken many work in progress photos, but here are a few over the past several weeks.

Placing people onto the painted and partially stitched cotton organdie surface in my studio .  .  .  .  .

Design wall

I’ve had this photo inside of me for such a long time (I took it on January 1st, 2007) that  I feel as though I know some of the people in it.  I printed several of them onto white organdie and fused them onto the quilt.

A couple between shadows

This pair stuck to my slipper and followed me into the kitchen, where I’ve put them up on our notice board so they can see into my life.

I’ve been sewing in the living room, which has great south-facing picture windows .  .  .  .  .

Sunlight coming through reflected tree branches .  .  .  .  .

Edwardian lamp-post, fused and ready to be stitched .  .  .  .  .

Stitching the bars along the railing  .  .  .  .  .

Today, I painted and made marks on the surface with fabric pastels & paint and fibre tip pens.  Finally, I hand-lettered the haiku onto the bottom of the piece.  Very pleased with how it came out too! I think I’ll save that process for a separate post.

I’m going to leave it until tomorrow evening when I’ll work some more on the River Thames and the big rain puddle on the pavement.  Then all I have to do it square it up, finish the edges and decide how to make the hanging sleeve.

A not so Private View

I sort of snuck in an art exhibition with our wedding.  I’d arranged to hang my quilts in the White Horse Inn, the venue for our soul wedding ceremony next Saturday for a couple of weeks and had somehow forgotten that there would be other people in the restaurant/gallery space too, before and after the wedding.

Our friend Nicky helped us hang the show on Saturday.  The setting is perfect for the size and style of my artwork. We, well actually Steve, from atop a ladder hung the table runners from the rafters and they look great as banners!

Ready to go

I then thought, ‘Oh!  Labels, prices and an artist’s statement are needed here’.   Steve was a huge help with this and suggested I put a ‘1’ in front of my prices, proofed my descriptions and helped with my statement:

When I was looking for descriptions of my art quilts, I was chagrined to discover that so much of my work is not on my website.  I really must have my website re-vamped this summer.  And I will!

I had told a couple of people about it and we realised that it would be a good idea to make up some flyers to put up in the village, otherwise it would be such a private view that no one would be there.  I also made an event on Facebook and invited a few of my Devon-based friends.

Do you know that literally, I used to hide my quilts under my bed ten years ago.  I had to really trust the first people I showed my artwork to.  I have shown my work before in quilt shows, in a group show in a gallery in Scotland and in a quilt shop.  But this is really the first time I’ve stood on my own with my artwork in a “mainstream” gallery setting.  I think I would have been too daunted before, but this felt very organic and relaxed and more about making a beautiful setting for our wedding and reception than showboating my artwork.  But, “By the way, everyone else come along and have a look too!”  As Steve said, “A show created just for our wedding, but one which will be seen again in other venues”.

The private view was a lot of fun.  Steve was my paparrazo and kept the wineglasses topped up.  I knew everyone who came along and while most of them know that I am an artist, they hadn’t seen my work before.  So it was my debut into the community where I live as an artist.

Desert River Goddess

Although I can be shy about promoting myself and my artwork, I felt really relaxed and love talking to people about all of the aspects of my artwork – the inspiration, construction techniques and stories behind my artqork.

Showing the back of Solstice Moon

'Mifflin goes to Lancaster' & 'Ivory Fish'

Celestial Jewelbox

In the quiet moments before the guests arrived, Steve photographed my in front of ‘Ver Sacrum’ (Holy Spring).