I read an article on pandemic fatigue which talked about how our days can become a blur.

In this portrait l began what l intended to be rows of neat cross stitch. The stitches rapidly became very freewheeling and turned into a net surrounding and holding me up.

This net is strong and flexible.

Without routines and schedules my task is to weave my own.


Day 31 - New hairdo!

Day 31 – New hairdo!

I did it!  Came to the end of the January photo challenge.  It’s been good to be more active on my blog again, because  I’ve been pretty quiet for the past year or so.  Sometimes it is hard to write posts, because I like to put a lot of energy and research into them & anything less feels like, ‘Why bother?’  It’s all of nothing with me a lot of the time.

I am also coming out of a cloistered, hunkered down space.  I’ve felt very insular and cocooned as I’ve moved into my early 50’s.
I intend to go forward with a mix of short and sweet as a just a photo AND my stellar longish ramblings.  Medium-sized stuff too!