Spring Dusk

New moon
Spring dusk.

I walk through the streets of my darkening town
catching glimpses of other lives
through golden windows.

A man bends over a stove

A kettle boils, someone is ironing

A woman sits
knitting the strands of an unravelling life
back together.

An empty booklined room
waits to be a backdrop
for yet another Zoom call.

All is quiet
All is still
Another day draws to a close.

– Melinda Schwakhofer. 2021


Yep!  That’s just how I’m feeling at the mo. We’re planning our Fifth Anniversary Renewal of Vows & Handfasting Celebration for May.  It’s about 85% sorted, but still there is a lot to consider.  Not just the details, but the depths. I’m also in the midst of my winter/summer clothes changeover.  The weather has been a bit changeable, so I’m taking it slow.  Some days I want linen and some days I want wool.  Our bedroom has been in a bit of a state, so I’ve moved all of the bags and boxes into the living room to give myself some space with it.


At the weekend, we went to Bristol for a couple of days.  I love that city!  I walked 2 miles, and back, to see my Dr Hauschka aesthetician Grace Emmerson for Part 2 of a course of Facial Gymnastics.  I’d printed off a map from Google and it was great just to wander and meander through the city.

On the way, I stepped in to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to have a look around.  Such a beautiful building, with parquet floors and a gorgeous interior.



I love the taxidermy animals and especially the painted dioramas.  It reminds me of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History Halls of Mammals I used to go to as a kid.


There was a fantastic installation from internationally renowned contemporary artist, Do Ho Suh.   Commissioned especially for Bristol, New York City Apartment/Bristol allows visitors to experience the ghost architecture of a soft corridor and staircase tailored from fabric based on the artist’s home in New York.



The detail is amazing.





I called into the Bristol Guild and bought a new summer hat too.


By the time I got back to our hotel, I was well ready for a nap with a cuppa and some of the milk chocolate, raisin and bacon bits chocolate I’d got, also from the Bristol Guild.


We went to a couple of great restaurants for dinner over the two nights we were there.   It was a great break and it was very good to get back home to our flat in Devon.  Spring has definitely arrived!  On Sunday, Steve washed the windows inside and out, and we put our white linen curtains up, in place of the heavy, lined cotton ones.


I guess I’m just feeling the change of the seasons.  If anything sums up how I’m feeling it has to be these pussy willow branches we’ve had in our living room for the past several weeks.  The whippiness of the branches and the soft catkins and then that thrusting, green, new growth just bursting out.  Ouch!  And Wow!!  I look at them every day and know.


It is a risk to come back, to come out, to grow new shoots.