I’m in between cameras.  My trusty little Pentax Optio has been dropped one too many times and I managed to scratch the lens of my Canon G12 while we were in Wales.  It’s going to cost £236.00 to be repaired and I’ve decided to put that money into a new camera.  I’m looking at compact system cameras.  It’s annoying that there aren’t many camera shops around any longer.  The Jessop’s in Exeter closed down about a year ago and the remaining indie ones don’t have much of a range.  Everything’s gone online.  When I buy a camera, I like to feel the heft of it and see how my fingers fit onto the buttons.  I’m going to London in a few weeks, so will do some research and hit a few camera shops.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my Windows phone and just in the past few days, my Samsung Galaxy tablet to capture my world.  The big screen on the tablet I like.  It sees what I see.

This morning, when BBC Radio 3 awakened me with sweet strains of classical music, I got up, opened the velux blind and brought a cup of tea back to bed.  I beheld the tree outside our window.  Such a gentle way to start my day.

winter tree

Winter tree
now still and deep,
branches gently ripple like the surface of a lake.
Dark birds alight, then fly away
in a wheeling of black wings and feathers.


Equinox Tree

Made conscious of the dark
with the coming of the light
I know this place where I have long dwelt;
poised in between
and finding my balance
somewhere in the middle.

Melinda Schwakhofer, 2013