For the past couple of years, I’ve been making a Yuletide tree from branches and lights.  This year, on my way to gathering some hawthorn branches, I found some fantastic shoots in a hedgerow.  I used these to make a little forest of winter trees.


The Muscogee word for winter is rvfo, pronounced ‘thleufo’.  It translates to ‘the season when things get skinny’.  Winter is the time of year when the earth’s energy withdraws.  Accordingly, I place my lights at the base of the branches to reflect this.


I made the base from two thick pieces of Styrofoam I’d saved from a delivery.  I arranged some fairy lights around the base of the trees.


To diffuse the lights I topped them with a double layer of sheer white cotton organza and a sheet of micro foam.


I hot glued each tree into the Styrofoam base.


Then, I pinned down the edges of the fabric to cover the lights and added a few garnet beads.


This is what it looks like at night; when darkness falls, the light shines out the brightest.


I also made a Yule tree from hawthorn branches.


May we all count the fullness of our blessings
and celebrate the richness in our lives during this deep winter festive season.
Love to you all!


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